Whiskey Bottle - Vintage Glass Liquor Whiskey Wine Crystal Bottle Decanter 800ml

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Type: Decanter

Material: High quality Glass

Capacity: 800ml

Size: 9x9x24cm

Bottle mouth outside diameter: 4.5cm

Bottle mouth inside diameter: 2.5cm


1.This decanter was specially designed, and is truly a gorgeous work of art.

2.This piece is beautiful on any table, and introduces more oxygen to its contents, thus allowing to open up and fully develop to its maximum potential.

3.Lead free crystal adds clarity and brilliance.

4.Unique and elegant shape, easy to pour.

5.Perfect for decanting a standard-size bottle of grape.

6.This item is hand-made, very small air bubbles are unavoidable & normal.


Package Included:
1 x Glass bottle