Universal Back Single-seated Dog Car Seat Cover

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This back seat cover is great for your four legged friend after swimming or playing hard at the dog park. Any activity where your pup gets messy, we got you covered with this universal single seat back seat cover. Dogs love this seat and owners lover it more. It is waterproof and adjustable so it will fit in an SUV, truck or car. There is a zipper opening. The D rings are made of metal and the buckles are made of HD plastic. There seat covers are stain , tear, and abrasion resistant. 

Do you like to take your pets on car ride with you? Do your pets think its their job to get everything dirty?
Then this rear seat cover is something you need. You will get all these benefits:

  • Easy installation - just tight the buckle straps around the headrests and tuck cover handles in between the rear seat
  • Fits most cars - pet seat cover fits most cars and SUV with headrests (does not work well for cars without headrests)
  • High quality material - waterproof nylon on top with quilted fabric bottom. 2 colors - black or grey.
  • Great seat protection - protects your car seat leather and upholstery from claws, paws, spills, hair and any usual damage your dog can inflict
  • Comfy for your dog - way better than trying to put towels down in the back. Reduces stress of car ride for your dog
  • Portable - comes in a practical handbag, easy to take anywhere
  • Stable - stays put, comes with seat anchors (handles) that you tuck between the bottom seat and the back of the seat. No worries about it sliding off the seat when your dog moves around back there.
  • Easy to clean - just wipe it off with warm water and a little cleaner. Also washable in washing machine
  • Bonuses - comes with 1 squeeking chew toy for your dog + bag
  • Safety - provides a nice barrier to prevent dog from trying to walk on the arm rest, also hammock protects the dog from falling on the floor.

Keeping your dog safe in the car is an easy thing to do, we recommend using dog seat belts. These days, you'll find a wide selection of safety gear for pets on the road.

You will get our standard hassle free 30 days 100% Money back guarantee.

Order Now and think about getting one for your very best friend. This offer is time limited.

This seat cover is offered in 15 different colors.
Size: 130 x 125 cm